What to Wear to a Modeling Audition or Model Casting

What you wear to a modeling audition can make or break whether you get the job, or not.

If you’re mulling over the idea of making it in the modeling industry (meaning you have a model body type, the right height, and a model’s face), you already have a solid foundation.

Luckily, the modeling world has diversified in this aspect, so many different shapes and sizes are more welcome in this world now. However, there are still many rules, dos, and don’ts when it comes to dressing for a casting.

What to Wear for a Modeling Audition

how to dress for a model casting

If you’re preparing what to wear for a model casting, the rules are simple but they must be followed.

I’ve been to hundreds of modeling auditions and model casting calls, so I am sure that these tips will help you!

Hopefully, these tips on what to wear to a modeling audition will bring you as much success or more than I have had in my career!

Rule 1.) Don’t Glam Up!

What you have to realize first is that when you got to a modeling audition, the casting directors don’t want to see you in full glam, because at this moment, it isn’t about you. You are there to sell an image, but the image you’re selling is that of designers or a makeup company, not your own.

Therefore, dressing up and doing your best, most glam makeup look is highly undesirable. They want to see you as you are, and they want to see if what you have fits their needs.

Afterward, they’ll transform you according to the needs of the runway, the photoshoot, or whatever else they are casting a model for.

So, keep your makeup completely minimal. You can wear a sheer foundation or even just some concealer if your skin is already perfect, but you want to cover up an imperfection or two.

As for the rest of your look, stick to a few coats of mascara, and a lip color that isn’t that much different from your natural one.

Stick with nude and natural-looking lipsticks, and you will have achieved that fresh-faced, radiant no-makeup makeup look that is the main requirement!

This nude palette travel set is a perfect set of makeup that is just enough, but not too much:

Rule 2.) Keep Your Hair Clean and Simple

The only thing you should worry about when it comes to your hair is that it’s clean, and most often away from your face. Simple and sleek ponytails, as well as simple buns, are your two casting go-to’s unless the casting directors want to see your hairstyle.

In that case, just let your hair down, making sure it’s neatly styled with no messy rogue strands or anything.

Rule 3.) Mind Your Shoes

Ok, this is tricky, but there is a way around it.

Before you show up to a model casting, do your homework. Certain agencies will ask that you show up in a pair of heels, and if this happens, keep them simple and neutral.

This also means that you’re probably auditioning for the catwalk, and your sky-high heel walking skills are being put to the test.

These nude Calvin Klein’s are perfect:

Other agencies will tell you to keep things casual – this most often happens with commercial shoots.

If that’s the case, feel free to go for Nike or another stylish, casual, and comfortable name brand. There’s nothing that puts you more at ease than knowing your feet are on solid ground.

Converse Chuck Taylor’s are a timeless classic that are affordable, stylish, and comfortable.

Certain agencies want to see your natural physique, and wearing pumps or stilettos might actually hinder your success.

So when in doubt, bring both along!

Rule 4.) Don’t Dress to Impress

Remember, when you’re considering what to wear for a modeling audition, you’re not there to show off your styling skills. You’re there so that the model casting agents can establish whether the real you will match what they’re looking for.

So, if it’s cold outside, you can wear your puffer jacket and your oversized sweater. But when it’s time to walk into that room, you’ll be expected to be seen in simple jeans that flatter and show off your body type.

Skinny jeans are the best for the job, as they completely showcase your silhouette. Levi’s are perfect because they are an ethical clothing brand and they make amazing jeans:

As for the top, things could not be simpler.

All you need is a fitted white tee that shows off your body! Moderation is key here – don’t go with an oversized tee that hides everything you’ve got, but also refrain from wearing something too tight – a regular fitted tee will suffice.

Hane’s white tee shirts are perfect for the job:

Concluding Thoughts – How to Dress for a Model Casting

As one last piece of advice, certain agencies will make a list of requirements and there will be times when you’ll be asked to come in completely well put together. If this is ever the case, don’t refrain from consulting with your agent on what your look should entail and include!

Sometimes you will need to dress to impress, but model castings are generally as described above, which works perfectly for you.

Hopefully, these tips help you and you look amazing at your next modeling audition!

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