Thank you for checking out my handmade crafts for sale!

I have always loved doing homemade crafts, but I only recently got the confidence to try to sell my handmade crafts on Etsy. I am hoping to continue producing artisan crafts that people love for years to come. If you have any suggestions about specific handmade crafts, personalized embroidery, or anything similar, please let me know! Hopefully, over time, I can produce a huge line of artisan crafts that people love!

I would also appreciate your feedback on any of my homemade crafts!

If you see any of my handmade crafts listed below, that means it is in stock, so simply click on the image and it will open the product for you on my Etsy shop.

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Thank you very much for your support!

Why Should You Buy My Handmade Crafts Instead of Others?

Although I know there are tons of people who produce outstanding handmade crafts, I believe there are a few key reasons why you should buy the artisan crafts that I make instead of others.

First, buying my handmade crafts means that you are supporting a first-generation American immigrant, and mother of a 1-year-old. I would like to be known for the quality of my work and not only by my identity, but I also believe it is important that you know who I am, and who you are supporting by purchasing these handmade crafts.

Next, you should know every stitch is made with love! I make these homemade crafts while I free moments (naps, etc) as I am taking care of my precious baby, and I put the same effort of love into these crafts as I do him!

With your purchase, I am able to help support my little family and it helps me have the opportunity to spend more time with my precious son, and my husband, as I am able to work from home and still assist with making money.

After you order one of my artisan crafts, your purchase(s) will be sterilized in a UV sterilizer and packed after using hand sanitizer to make sure that your order is completely safe for you.

Also, you should know that each order will be packed while doing a happy dance as well as I love knowing people will receive my homemade crafts!

Lastly, as one of my goals in life is to complete my college education in Environmental Policy, your order will be packed and wrapped in pre-used packaging to minimize environmental impact. Meaning, you will receive your item in a box from a random item I had previously ordered or purchased and I am recycling them.

I hope you understand how this helps me cut down on waste and materials, and share my passion for our planet!

Thank you for learning more about why you should buy handmade crafts from me, and I hope you choose to purchase my artisan crafts for your enjoyment and needs!