Advice for the Mother of the Bride

Tips & Advice for the Mother of the Bride

Being the Mother of the Bride can be fun, challenging, and humbling. It is also an eye-opener because it makes you realize that your little girl has grown up. The relationship between a mother and her daughter is somehow intriguing.

It all starts from when your daughter is a baby, and you’re in charge of all the decisions and choices.

During this period, you’re happy and feeling good that she listens to everything you say.

Once she starts walking, talking, going off to nursery and growing up, the independent spirit starts to mature as well.

You know how time flies before you’re ready to let her go, she is off to college, and her independence becomes a reality. The shocker comes when she comes home and announce that she’s engaged.

Well, you may have known that your daughter is seeing someone or that she’s in love, but to you, that’s okay, at least it’s still a relationship, and she always comes home.

Then one day, you’re meeting the Mr. Right and planning for the wedding. Congratulations! You are the Mother of the Bride.

But, how does one manage the transition from being a mother to becoming the Mother of the Bride? There’s no manual anywhere, and even if there is, many things might be missing.

So, let’s share some of those things here with you to prepare you to be the best Mother of the Bride ever!

How to Be the Best Mother of the Bride

mom of the bride tips and advice

1.) Your Choices Don’t Matter Anymore

Maybe you didn’t know, but when you’re planning your daughter’s wedding, every choice or decision belongs to her. If you don’t want to hear her say “Mom this is my wedding, not yours,” you better backpedal on your decisions.

Don’t even think that your financial support will buy the decision-making seat for you. It doesn’t matter how much you’re investing, when it comes to selecting wedding stuff, she’s in charge, and you better let her.

But don’t worry, trust her choices in this one, the bride knows what she wants.

You can provide your insight or assistance if she asks for it, but don’t push it on her!

2.) The 3rd Wheel is Never Easy to Accept

So, you’re planning your daughter’s wedding, but have you also considered that there’s another party whose opinion and choices matter too? The bridegroom is in the picture and has one or two inputs to make too.

Whether you like it or not, you’re not the only one who will have something to say.

The best thing is to give in sometimes, or you may discover that your baby girl’s loyalty has shifted.

3.) You Must Accept Her Wedding Dress

Being the mother hen has been worth it, but you can’t win the battle over her wedding dress. Yes, you’ve always pictured her on her wedding day with a particular kind of dress but remember, it’s your vision, not hers.

So whether the dress she likes fits into your vision or not, bite your tongue and accept it to make her happy.

4.) It’s Her Time to Be Respected

Your daughter has always respected you and everything you suggested. There may indeed be some tantrums along the way, but she has always agreed in the end.

So, now that she’s going to be the bride, it’s your turn to respect her too. Don’t start demanding respect by wanting things to be done your way. Listen to her and follow her lead.

You’ll be surprised that you trained her very well.

5.) Your Daughter Developed Her Style Along the Way

Being a mother makes you see your children as “little” even when they’ve grown up. Maybe you didn’t notice, but as your daughter was growing up, she created her style different from what you knew.

So, you will come to realize that you no longer need to make choices for her. As you watch her take charge and express what she wants, you’ll realize that she grew up a lot.

6.) Preparing for the Wedding is Another Bonding Experience

You may think that you’ve learned everything about your daughter until it’s time to prepare for her wedding. We’ve seen many relationships heal during the prep period.

So, as a mother to be, no one will tell you that those hassles and tug-of-war will tighten the bond between you too. Oh yes! It will, and you must look forward to it.

It will also help you to realize how great and wonderful your daughter turned out to be.

7.) The Speech is More Important Than You Think

Yes! This is another challenge you may never know about until when it’s your turn to give that speech. Then, you’ll realize how important it is to get it right. We know that the thought of how to perfect your mother-of-the-bride speech can keep you awake all night.

So, we advise that you start writing it on time.

Concluding Thoughts – Advice for the Mother of the Bride

The Mother of the Bride has important roles to play, but it is more of supporting your daughter to achieve her dream wedding. You may face a few challenges, but in the end, it’ll be an awesome experience. So, now that you’re the Mother of the Bride, enjoy the experience and share it later.