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Couples Outfit Ideas – What to Bring to a Vacation

After the ‘getting to know each other’ period, also known as the start of the honeymoon phase, once things start to heat up and get more serious, many couples decide to take the plunge and put their relationship to one of the biggest tests of all – going on vacation together.

They say you don’t know someone until you’ve lived with them, but traveling together is almost like a ‘living together simulation,’ but shorter yet more intense one. You get to discover each other’s little quirks, annoyances, and habits, but those who are truly in love pass this test with flying colors.

Couples Outfit Ideas for Vacation

Now, speaking of love and colors, this is also the stage in which couples tend to start coordinating their outfits, and no, it’s not corny, it’s adorable, especially when done with panache and subtlety.

This is where we step in with some awesome matching outfit ideas that will make you look in-sync without looking like you’re twins.

His and Hers: Beach Edition

Since it is summer, and even in the parts of the world where it isn’t, most couples prefer for their first romantic getaway to involve an exotic beachy destination. So, whether you’re going somewhere upscale like the French Riviera, or somewhere more private and secluded, you want to look adorably matchy-machy for your Instagram posts, which we are sure there will be plenty of.

Now, since the pastel trend is one of the most dominant ones, we suggest a white and pastel blue one-piece with the ever trendy and classy stripes for her, and cool tropical print – something along the lines of palm tree leaves for him.

These kinds of swimming trunks look amazing on a man, especially if they’re a bit longer, and since they’re blue, you will have achieved the matchy-matchy look without compromising your masculinity.

A quality crew neck t-shirt can be found in bamboo clothing collections, and  it’s perfect for him; especially for those times when you want to hit the beach bar or head back to the resort.

When it comes the perfect choice for her, look no further than a white crochet kimono.

In It for the Sights

If you haven’t visited Australia, you definitely don’t know what you’re missing. Spring in Australia is possibly one of the most perfect romantic settings for two lovebirds so be sure to keep that in mind and start looking into flight dates and accommodation options.

Our suggestions are definitely either Sydney or Melbourne, as there is so much life, nightlife, culture and sights to soak up, but you better be ready to put your best look forward because both of these cities are homes to some very stylish and fashion-savvy people. For casual sightseeing days, we suggest dark wash jeans for both – this can be your something blue.

If you’re in Melbourne, keep things on the minimal side as these folks are sworn minimalists. A cool white shirt and a leather motto jacket with cute ankle boots will make the lady look like she was born there, and the gentleman can stick with a white dress shirt and a sharp dark grey trench coat.

Date Night in the City

Now, when in this city, you simply must have a romantic date night, so make reservations at one of the finest, most romantic restaurants in the city.

This is also your chance to shine, outfit-wise, and if you haven’t packed a suit, there are incredible showrooms for tailored suits where you can book a fitting and have the suit of your choice tailored to fit like a glove and show the city, and your lady just how well you ‘clean up’.

Now, once you’ve chosen your suit – we suggest something in the fitted grey family, she can up her game in a silver slip dress and a gorgeous black wrap and clutch, and you can place a black pocket square just for the added ‘matchy’ element.

Hot in the Cold

There are some couples who want nothing more than to escape the heat and head somewhere cooler so they can be hot for each other in the cold. Tons of stunning skiing destinations are at your disposal, and aside from making sure you have the matching skiing-equipment, don’t forget to pack good and warm jackets.

Hers can be a trendy white puffer jacket, and you can go for a navy one, and then scarves, hats, and gloves are where you coordinate. You can go with the exact same colors, or at least the same pattern like wide stripes.

Of course, there will be other options to get all matchy, sitting by the fire in your lodge or the hotel lounge being just a few.

Cozy crew sweaters in a gorgeous cream color will make you look like couple goals. He can go with a chunky crew sweater, and she can cozy up in a long snuggly cardigan. If you want to take it up a notch, you can always go with matching Timberland boots and totally seal the deal.

Concluding Thoughts – Vacation Outfit Ideas for Couples

There you have it, matching outfits for every destination, occasion, and activity. There are many factors that go into making the two of you couple goals, and perfectly coordinated outfits are a great place to start chasing those goals.

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