what should i fucking eat

What the Fuck Should I Eat?

We all keep hearing that we should eat right and healthy. No matter of what you are doing; watching TV, talking with your friends or scrolling social media, you will hear something about “eating right.”

After all this, it’s logical to ask yourself- how the fuck should I eat?

What the Fuck Should You Actually Eat?

Although dietology and food science isn’t a simple topic to understand, you can at least understand many basics from this article!

Eat More Fucking Greens

As simple as it sounds! Which greens? Any you see on groceries “greens” section. It’s it!

All culinary greens are rich in micro-elements and have a low calorie index. You can eat them as much as you want; for example, add them to your salads or use them as a side dish for your lunch.

Make sure to choose the best possible option before purchasing. Remember, that the higher quality (not price) product you buy, the more benefits your body will get. It’s better to buy less but better quality, organic products;  which will help you get even more nutrients, while consuming less calories!

Hydration, Bitch!

Don’t forget about fucking hydration! Doctors and scientists around the globe restlessly repeat to us how important it is to drink plenty of pure water; stop ignoring it!

Buy the best quality water you can offer.

If you think that all water is the same and that there is no need to buy more expensive options– you are fucking wrong! All waters are different and carry different minerals, pH levels, and electrolyte content. Purchase water with high pH levels or alkaline water, as well as make sure to check the mineral and electrolyte content, and the source where water was taken from.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Don’t fucking tell me that you are surprised about this statement!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times- fuck processed sugar!

Of course, I am not telling you to tell a complete “no” to sugar. Just regulate the amount of processed sugar you consume, avoid sweeteners, and when purchasing sugar make sure it’s high quality, organic, and doesn’t contains other additives.

In my opinion, the best sugars are maple, beet and cane sugar. However, from sweeteners I like birch sugar (Xylitol) and pure stevia.

Don’t forget that a lot of companies use sugar as a preservative or taste enhancer in a lot of unexpected products (including canned vegetables, souses, vegan milks and so on), so make sure to always check the ingredients and nutritional index of a product before purchasing it.

Superfoods and Smoothies 101

Superfood smoothies are the easiest way to stay fit and healthy!

Don’t worry if you are new to superfoods or/and not sure how to make your smoothie healthy and taste good; because I got your ass covered!

Super foods are often powders, seeds, berries, fruits, veggies, greens and so on. The most convenient way is to buy plenty of powders and store them at your house so you always have access to superfoods. Powders are long preserving, easy to add and don’t leave you mess. Examples of superfood powders are beet, matcha tea, wheatgrass, and so on powders.

Along with the superfoods, other examples include:

  • Chia Seeds
  • Flaxseed
  • Gogi Berries
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries

You can also buy frozen fruits and vegetables because they will help you to get more nutrition for small money!

The best way to make your smoothie nutritious and taste good is to follow a few simple rules:

  • Add base fruit (like banana or mango)
  • Use liquid (i.e. vegan milks, water, coconut/maple water)
  • Add a couple scoops of superfood powders (if you have)
  • If desirable you can add a scoop of a favorite protein or collagen powder (be creative)
  • Add frozen fruits/berries or ice (If you don’t have, just use a cold beverage)

Go Organic

Poor quality plant foods contain low levels of nutrients, but have about the same calorie content as organic options! In other words, you have to eat much more of the poorly treated plants to get your daily recommended value of nutrients compared to high quality foods.

Not a good thing- right?

Low vitamin content isn’t the main problem of poor-quality foods; GMO, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, sweeteners, taste enhancers, artificial additives, preservatives and so on are extremely harmful for your body!

So, buy less groceries and never save on quality!

This saving will cost you more in the future because fixing your body after shitty food isn’t cheap and is never easy!

Eat Meat Ethically

Buy less meat!

When I first moved to America I was freaking out by how much meat the average American eats per day!

Yes, consuming meat is important for a healthy human diet, however eating too much meat is harmful for your body and nature.

Consider to eat meat through stew, bone broth soups, shredded into salads, and so on. Having meat as a additive to a meal is always a good idea, however, eating burgers, stakes, or hot-dogs as a part of your regular diet routine isn’t healthy.

Buy only grass fed, organic, no antibiotics, no hormones meats!

Quality always comes first!

When you buy grass fed organic meat, you know that the animals were treated ethically and lived humanely outdoors. The same concept works for cage free chicken and eggs, or grass fed milk products.

Along with these tips, a few other simple rules to follow that can help you eat meat more “ethically” include always finishing the entirety of the food you put on your plate, never purchasing and throwing out meat without using, and having a general respect for the animal.

Concluding Thoughts – What Should I Fucking Eat?

As you can see, eating healthy isn’t difficult. Just follow these simple guidelines:

  • Eat Organic
  • Respect the Food You Eat
  • Food Quality Always Comes First
  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Avoid Processed Sugars

I hope my article was helpful for you and answered all your questions.

If you have questions fell free to contact me through email or my Instagram- @Rebel_Hare

Stay healthy and be happy!