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Buying Handbags – Tips to Consider When Buying a Handbag

Handbags are one of the items you should invest money in. Buying a quality bag will ensure you use it for a long time, and besides, a good handbag can style up any outfit, so it’s a win-win situation.

Having said this, picking the right one is a tough decision to make, especially because you want to buy something worth all the money.

There’s a huge variety out there, so you must’ve been exhausted looking all of the varieties, price tags, brands, and styles deciding what to and what not to choose from the limitless designs of handbags. If you have never shopped it before, that’s another thing; if you are a regular buyer and jumping from a smaller to one bigger fashion and style, this post might help you.

Well, there are a lot of things to look for while considering a handbag purchase for the upcoming season or just to change the taste, or to match it for the wardrobe.

What to Consider When Buying a Handbag

All in all, the change is inevitable, and you must listen to us before buying an all-important handbag that stays with you for the next few months or years.

For men, it’s the hardest thing in the world to choose a near-perfect, or let’s say the one that’s just approved with a grim smile handbag for women; if you are buying it for your wife or anyone else, hold on, there are a few tips for you.

This is why we are bringing the best tips to help you when you decide it’s time for a new bag.

Pick the Style

Simple and effective tips for buying a handbag

Before buying a bag, you should think about what you need it for, and this will automatically set the style. If you need a formal bag for work, for example, make sure it’s subtle in design and pattern.

The ones with a scarf attached to them are usually a good choice, because you can style them in many ways. Handbags with magnetic closure will look more expensive (even if they are not), and they are more fashionable.

So, opt for those instead of the ones with a zipper. Make sure it has some pockets in the front or in the back for all the small items you usually carry with you.

For a more casual handbag, for everyday use, you can go with animal print, which is very popular now, or details such as buckles, zips, pearls or something similar.

Follow the Trend

When buying a handbag, make sure it fits the ongoing the buyers trend. Fashion is all about wearing what’s hot out there.

If you are trying to catch up to your colleagues or classmates, or all your friends have already upgraded to the newer trends and updated styles, that’s what you should do too to make a great impression on them too.

To choose the one that fits your wardrobe and ongoing fashion, make sure to visit some of the brands and designers’ websites to have an insight into what’s going on and what’s not.

Make sure to choose the color that always fits your personality, don’t just go with the one that looks love on models or on TV; compare the one you are considering to buy with the existing ones, make a decision wisely.

Go with Your Taste Buds

Yes, following the trend isn’t always the best thing to do; if you have a completely different taste of what and how people wear, don’t follow them, I repeat don’t follow them.

Take a decision and get the one that looks best to you. If you love basket bags, don’t even look for a crossbody bag that may look jaunty with the college girls or the working class but not to your body type.

If you are a tote bag girl, change your style with another one with more class, style, shine, and color unless you have decided to change to another handbag type for the next summers.

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How to Assess Quality

You shouldn’t feel sorry for spending money on a handbag, because it’s an investment that is going to last a long time. If you want a quality bag, you don’t have to splurge on designer bags that cost thousands of dollars because bags from ready to wear collections have high quality and will be worth your money.

Having said this, leather bags are the best choice, because they are durable, and won’t become damaged fast.

Another important thing to look at is the stitching because you don’t want them to rip easily.

After all, you will know a quality bag when you see one.

Choosing the Color

The choice of color depends on what you need the bag for. However, more importantly, choose the color based on the rest of your wardrobe, and make sure you can wear it with most of the items from your closet.

Pastel colors are popular now. They will give out a feminine, soft look, and go great with most of your outfits.

Light blue, soft pink, or even nude colors are safe options.

On the other hand, if you go with classic black or brown, you still can’t be wrong. They will look both classy and stylish.

Choosing the Size

The size of the bag has to do with our style, and whether it’s a work bag or a casual, fashion bag. If you are getting a work handbag, make sure it is big enough to hold all your belongings, wallet, and papers and documents you carry with you.

Pockets are also important to separate your keys, phone, or other items you need easy access to.

However, if you need a fashion bag, for everyday use, small designs are trendy now.

The ones that can fit the most basic items you need. They are practical, look super cute, and are there to complete every outfit.

Is It Practical?

How do you know a bag is practical? Well, when you don’t have trouble carrying it, and it’s not uncomfortable for you. Firstly, make sure you pick the right handles.

The best choice is usually the ones that have handles for your hand, and then a shoulder strap, which you can wear as a crossbody bag or just on one shoulder.

This way, you can style it and wear it differently depending on the occasion and your preference, which says a lot about your style in general. Cross-body bags are a bit more casual, while carrying it on your shoulder, or in your hand is more formal.

“What’s the Need?”

That’s a million-dollar question, what is your current status because the handbags are mostly carried almost everywhere. You don’t have to, or need to, buy seven bags for each event.

If you are a working woman, try bucket bags or tote bags; students or a few working women prefer crossbody stylish handbags.

If you already have them bought, try adding a clutch for parties and events; always choose the lighter colors for parties.

If you are obsessed with carrying it everywhere, crossbody handbag is your thing; it is lighter and more stylish to be taken anywhere.

Weigh and Measure Before a Buy

Ordering online? That’s what you should do before clicking for credit card details. Check the weight and dimensions of your selected handbag before buying.

If you are considering a bigger bag for all the things to accommodate at once, don’t you go for smaller ones, check the measurements before purchasing it.

If the tiny little ones are your choice, there’s nothing good than branded original bags that cost less to medium and are available in more colors and design options that the larger ones.

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Concluding Thoughts – Buying a New Bag

how to purchase a new handbag correctly

Buying a handbag will help you build your personal style, and it is a practical thing you need, so don’t feel bad about spending too much money.

For men, observe her inclinations towards handbags, if she likes the zipper bags, don’t bother to look for a buttoned handbag or a magnetic one, you have got the idea, buy the one with a zip on it.

Let’s say, you have selected a dream bag for her, and the price tag makes you feel sorry, don’t hesitate to look for a first copy or a lookalike that holds on for a while on her shoulders.

There’s nothing to hesitate if the pocket doesn’t allow you to make a decision. If you are not comfortable with buying a lookalike for her, there are still some better brands with cheaper price tags, better designs than the all-expensive handbags.

Follow our guide to choosing the right one easier, and consider it a good investment.