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Slimming Dresses – How to Choose Dresses That are Slimming

Choosing slimming dresses can have a huge impact on your body appearance. Even a fit woman can look bigger than she normally would if she doesn’t choose a slimming dress for her body type!

And let’s face it, we all love looking thinner, slenderer, and in the best shape possible, but not everyone has a model body that seems to fit into whatever they want to wear.

Whatever the circumstance or situation is, there are ways to look slimmer than you are if you dress properly.

Additionally, the selection of the correct slimming dress becomes even more important when you are going to a party or big event since formal clothes or party wear is usually more fitted and body-hugging.

How to Choose Dresses That Are Slimming

If you think you could use a little help in finding the best fit, fabric, or clothing style for your figure, keep reading below for some expert tips on how to choose slimming dresses!

Bigger Isn’t Always Better – No Pun Intended!

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when trying to buy slimming dresses is to get the right fit.

Do not buy dresses that are too tight, and do not buy dresses that are too loose. Make sure you buy a dress that fits comfortably but has a slimming effect.

In fact, a lot of times, bigger clothes make you look even bigger!

This can be a bigger problem in the winter or when it is colder out because the excess fabric on your dress can make you look wider for no reason!

Here is a great example of a slimming dress for winter that deals with containing excess fabric for winter while still having a slimming effect:

Flaunt Your Waist – An Instant Slimming Effect!

dresses that are slimming

One of the most slimming dresses is the one that accentuates your waist, even if you don’t believe your waist is your best feature!

Instead of trying to hide your waist, accentuate it with a belt and you will create more definition in that area of your body, giving you a slimming effect!

It is all about creating dimensions, and an illusion of perfect proportions.

Here is a great example of a slimming effect dress that accentuates the waist:

The Black Dress Slimming Effect – Solid Black is Slimming!

In general, the best slimming dresses are black, because black is a slimming color.

Unfortunately, white just doesn’t have the slimming effect that black does!

White can work for those who are already slim, and especially when you’re not dealing with bloating. When in doubt though, wear black!


As clichéd as it may sound, this slimming dress trick has been tried and tested true over time.

From movie sets to French fashion runways; we have seen the marvelous black dress slimming effect in action!

So, why not give it a whirl too?

Black has the magical power of concealing your problem areas, and nothing else can beat it.

Here is a perfect slimming black dress:

Shapewear for Dresses

Don’t think these slimming dresses will do the trick for you? Well, one final tip is to wear shapewear under your dress!

Shapewear is comfortable and makes any dress a slimming dress. You can even combine shapewear with one of the slimming dresses listed above for a double effective approach to looking slimmer in a dress!

If you would like to try wearing shapewear, Spanx is the most famous and most effective brand:

Concluding Thoughts – How to Choose the Most Slimming Dresses

Choosing the best slimming dresses is all about understanding what will fit you best, and learning how to accentuate the right parts of your body.

Sometimes, instead of running away from your waist, you need to accentuate it to get the right look!

If you use these tips, I am confident you will look slimmer than you thought you could!

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