the quickest ways to get rid of bloating fast

How to Get Rid of Bloating Fast – 6 Simple Tips

Bloating is no fun!

When you are bloating, it looks like you have accumulated so much fat in your stomach area. You feel uncomfortable sleeping, sitting, and even functioning as a grown-up adult.

Your clothes do not fit properly, and you feel very grumpy overall, and even lethargic.

Now, imagine if you have an important event to attend – maybe be somewhere you want to make a lasting impression and you are bloating.

That is the stuff nightmares are made of!

Your perfect jeans would not fit.

Your stomach will bulge out, peeking from your perfect dress; and you will feel overwhelmed and self-conscious.

Trust us though; this is not the end of the world! There are ways to reduce boating quickly.

From walking it off, to taking a hot bath, to sipping some ginger tea; various home remedies and exercises have been proven to work effectively in reducing stomach bloating rather quickly.

Natural Tips to Reduce Bloating Quickly

the best natural tips for reducing bloating fast

Have a quick glance at these tips if you are fighting bloating and looking for ways to get rid of it as soon as possible.

We are pretty sure, you will find a thing or two that you can enjoy doing and get rid of that nasty bloating!

1) Stay Away from Salt

Have an important event coming up?

Maybe a festival, an important business meeting, or an office dinner party.

Something where you really want to be the star of the evening!

Stay away from salt for at least 24 hours prior to the event. Nothing bloats you more than sodium.

This does not just mean the salt you sprinkle on your food. All kind of bottled sauces, jams, breads, and pastas are prepared with a high concentration of sodium that will eventually contribute to bloating your belly.

If you want to look mind blowing in that special dress, for that special evening, steer clear from salt for at least 24 hours before the big day!

2) Go on a Juice Fest

Juicing is one the quickest ways of de-bloating your belly.

Your body retains water while bloating, and sipping on lots of fluids will help your body in flushing out all the extra water.

Add lots of greens, baby spinach, celery sticks, cinnamon, cucumber and apples in your homemade juices!

Avoid store bought packaged juices, they of course are no good.

Although it is always better to juice your own fruits and vegetables, you can buy certain cold-pressed juices which are very effective.

Check out this 3 Day Juice Cleanse for an example!

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3) Stay No to Dairy

Dairy products such as milk, cream, and cheese can make your bloating worse.

If you are in the process of de-bloating, just keep these all at an arm’s length!

You can opt for almond milk if you want something for energy, but avoid dairy of all kinds.

Regardless, goat milk beats dairy every time!  Goat milk is much easier for the human body to digest, and has a very pleasant taste as well!

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4) Chug on Water with a Lemon Slice

The reason your body is bloated is mainly because it is holding on to excess water.

Why is it holding on to excess water, you ask?

It is because you are not giving it enough fluids, and it is its way of making up for the loss or deprivation.

To quickly reduce bloating, drink a glass of water every 30 minutes.

If you cannot drink so much water, add a lemon slice in it for flavor. You will most probably de-bloat in just a couple of hours.

5) Ginger Tea

If you are bloating because of overeating or indigestion, you are more likely experiencing gas trouble as well.

Carrying a food baby around is no fun!

Before strangers start congratulating you on getting pregnant, we suggest you get rid of your belly pooch before leaving home. Make yourself some tea with a ½ inch piece of fresh ginger, a dollop of honey, and some lemon juice.

Ginger tea will digest your food, ease your gas trouble, and will get rid of your bloating quickly!

According to a study published in Food and Function,

“Ginger is also used as home remedy and is of immense value in treating various gastric ailments like constipation, dyspepsia, belching, bloating, gastritis, epigastric discomfort, gastric ulcerations, indigestion, nausea and vomiting and scientific studies have validated the ethnomedicinal uses.”

You can buy cheap and effective ginger tea on Amazon as well!

6) Chamomile Tea

If it is “that time of the month” and you are facing period cramps, bloating just comes naturally as a bonus with it.

Natural chamomile tea works the best in this scenario.

According to a study which was published on the effects of chamomile tea for helping people with symptoms Irritable Bowel Syndrome that included bloating,

“According to the effectiveness of Chamomile (shown in this study), we guess that it is effective on both the symptoms and pathogenesis of IBS. Chamomile is easily available and is not expensive, so is better than other current therapies. “

It not only reduces stomach bloating, but also relives your muscles and helps you sleep better. Take it before bedtime so you wake up feeling better, fresher, and without a bloated stomach.

Luckily, you can buy chamomile tea on Amazon and have it to your house in just 2 days!

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