A guide to learn how to grow long hair fast

How to Grow Long Hair – A Guide to Growing Long Hair, Fast

Can you imagine a person who never had a haircut, hair coloring procedure, or any other hair manipulations, was taking good care about their hair, and at the age of 17, they ended up with only shoulder-length and thin hair? Hi, it’s me!

When I was younger, I always had great naturally wavy, voluminous, thick hair. Everybody always complimented me on it, and every time new people saw me, they pointed out how great looking hair I had. However, I was a professional athlete, and at the age of 13, I developed rheumatoid arthritis. I went through multiple courses of nasty chemical procedures, hormonal therapy, and other treatments that brought with it allergies, bone problems, and other side effects that required even more treatments.

After all these treatments, when I was 17, I looked at myself in the mirror, and all I had left was shoulder-length, thin, terribly damaged hair.

I used to cry my eyes out since I tried so many ways to recover my original hair quality. From conventional recovery techniques like putting a raw egg on my hair, to the extreme ones like rubbing a cayenne pepper into my hair roots (ouch), fire trimming, or sleeping overnight with mayonnaise on my hair (yeah, I was desperate).

Everything made my hair situation even worse!

At 18 years, I went to college to study biomedical science and realized how many mistakes about my hair care I had made.

Now I am 24 and the mother of a beautiful baby boy, and I have hair lower than my hip bone!

In this article, I will share with you common mistakes people do in their hair care routine, as well as I will share with you how I was able to grow long hair by improving the health of my body and head!

Hair Washing Tips for Growing Longer Hair

Let’s start with the basics.

I read so many times that you must wash your hair with medium cold water or medium warm water, and rinse them with cold water at the end. I tried it for so many years, and from my experience – it doesn’t work!

Think logically about the reason for washing your hair.

It’s right in the name of it; your goal is to wash your hair from skin fat, dirt, and styling products (if you use them). Cold water can not wash off skin fat; you are just leaving it on your hair with trapped dirt and styling products leftovers (yuck). Comfortably warm water will remove all that nasty stuff from your hair roots.

Clean hair roots = healthy hair!

Another common piece of advice that freaks me out is to use shampoo only for your hair roots and not for the length of your hair. Once again, clean hair = healthy hair! You don’t squeeze shampoo directly on your hair, but you can always spread the foam from your roots to the length.

Don’t forget to wash your hair with shampoo twice during your hair wash session.

I as well don’t like advice on how often you should wash your hair since it’s individual. I don’t use any styling products, live in a not polluted area, have naturally dry hair, and my hair is long – so I don’t have to wash them that often. I can do it once or twice a week.

If you have oily, short hair, you are living in a busy city, or using hair styling products every day – you need to wash your hair often!

Using Too Many Products – Why It Can Stop You From Growing Long Hair

Omg! How many products are companies advertising for us? As if we will not use all 20 products after every hair wash, our hair will fall off and dry out right away!

I am the one who was a victim of this lie!

I noticed that during the times when I used fewer products, my hair was healthy and growing great. It was when I was young, as well as I have been practicing it for about six years and could not be happier with the results!

Which Hair Products Do You Actually Need to Grow Long Hair?

Shampoo + Conditioner

I cannot describe enough how much I love Natura Siberica! From the smell to the result, their hair products are my absolute “swear bys!”

Just give them a try, and you will never regret it! I like these specific products:

Natura Siberica Oblepikha Shampoo for Weak and Damaged Hair

Oblepikha Hair Conditioner for Weak and Damaged Hair

Shampoo + Conditioner Options for Color Treated Hair

Shampoos for colored hair are slightly acidic, which helps to keep hair fibers closed (which prevents color from washing out). Here are a couple of natural options that I like:

Natura Siberica Colored and Damaged Hair Shampoo

Natura Siberica Colored and Damaged Hair Shampoo

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Hair Mask

You can use a hair mask just a couple of times a week (depending on how often you wash your hair). A Natura Siberica hair mask product to help grow long and healthy hair which I love is:

Natura Siberica Professional Oblepikha Hair Mask

Hair Tip Oil For Significantly Damaged Hair

If your hair is in terrible condition, you can use hair tip oil. Use it only on the days you are not doing heat styling! Never use oil on your hair before heat styling; it will damage your hair really significantly! My favorite option is:

Active Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil for Hair Tips

Heat Protection

Hot blow, heat styling, sun exposure – it all requires some protection! I suggest you try:

Sun Bum Heat Protector Spray | Vegan and Cruelty-Free Hair Protecting Spray for All Hair Types

For Very Damaged or Bleached Hair

If you have very damaged or bleached hair which you would like to recover, try Olaplex products which are formulated to restore your hair’s internal strength and moisture levels, and restore your hair structure. It is recommended for all hair types. Olaplex products are created by two of the top PhDs in chemistry and materials science.

I personally used Olaplex repair treatment to bring my hair “back to life.”

Some of their products which I love are:

Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment

Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil

Essential Hair Tools to Grow Long Hair Fast

If you want to grow long hair, you are going to need a few essential hair “tools” as well as hair care products. Check out a few of my favorites below!

Choosing the Right Hairbrush

The right hairbrush won’t just save your hair, but it might help you to manage your headaches as well!

Since I discovered the Tangle Teezer Brush, I cannot use any other one! Usually, I was in so much pain to untangle my thick, wavy hair, but with the Tangle Teezer, I am brushing my hair in no time! It gently detangles hair and prevents hair from damage and breakage.

It also provides a gentle scalp massage, which feels nice and helps me to manage my headaches.

You can use this brush on wet and dry hair without fear of damaging them.

Tangle Teezer The Original Detangling Hairbrush

They even have an option for thick and curly hair, which works even for Afro hair!

Tangle Teezer Thicky & Curly. Dry Detangling Hairbrush for Thick, Curly and Coarse Hair

However, If you like to spread hair masks evenly without any fear, try their wet brush:

Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash, Wet Detangling Hairbrush for All Hair Types

Hair Scalp Massager

I noticed a big difference after I began using a scalp massager during my hair washes. It is especially beneficial for those who have curly and/or thick hair. It helps to scrub your scalp from old skin and dirt gently and increase blood flow towards your hair roots, which allows you to maintain healthy hair.

Just shampoo your hair and massage your scalp with this brush! You can use it on dry hair for a scalp massage as well.

Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, MAXSOFT Scalp Care Brush

Hair Ties

The only hair ties I am using for years are invisibobbles!

One pack serves me for years. First of all, they are hygienical since you can wash them at any moment. I even boiled them a couple of times to shrink them back and disinfect. To not lose them, I wear them as a bracelet on my arm.

Using hair ties usually caused me a headache, but these ties never caused me any discomfort. They are very stretchy, but hold their shape well. I never had my hair wrapped or stuck around them. I even pull them straight from my hair to take them off. I can not imagine doing it with any other hair tie! They are also not breaking nor damaging your hair, thanks to the unique form!

They have a bunch of colors, just pick your favorite one!

invisibobble Power Traceless Hair Ties

They as well produce hair clips which don’t cause any hair breakage too:

invisibobble Waver Hair Clip with Strong Grip

As well as sprunchie, nano version, and kids size:

invisibobble SPRUNCHIE

invisibobble Princess Sparkle No-Ouch Hair Ties

invisibobble Nano Hair Styling

Vitamins and Supplements to Help with Growing Longer Hair


The most significant difference in hair quality and growth I noticed was after using vitamins. I would never expect such a huge difference!

Here is a little fact: hair always grows at about the same speed (unless you have certain health problems), and you can’t speed this process up (sorry for that). However, why does it looks like some people have hair that grows at “superhuman speed,” but for some, they are at a “lifelong hibernation?”

The answer is simple – they have healthier hair. You probably read it with a face like “duh,” but let me explain. With proper nutrition, your hair follicles create healthy and strong hair that can “survive” for a long time without breakage.

You cannot repair or do anything with already outgrown hair. You can only moisturize it and try to keep it as healthy as possible. You cannot recover breakage, which is why the only way to remove split ends is to cut them off.

So, if your hair growth seems like it stopped, it merely means that your hair is not healthy enough to stay alive for that long, and they are breaking at their ends, which is removing the length.

I have three favorites for hair vitamins.

Maxi Hair Plus is one of the strongest, but with a huge minus – they caused me a massive stomach ache. If you have a sensitive stomach, try to take them with a really big meal. They also have a particular taste which not every person is willing to handle for a long time. But they provide a huge result!

Country Life – Maxi-Hair Plus

Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, Nails are a great alternative that did not cause me any stomach discomfort, gave a great result, and is a budget-friendly option!

My number one choice is SugarBearHair.

They definitely are worth the hype since they gave me a great result, plus they did not cause me any stomach discomfort even when I was taking them in the morning without any meal. I have a really sensitive stomach, so that was pretty shocking. They taste great as well.

SugarBearHair Vitamins, Vegetarian Gummy Hair Vitamins


My favorite superfoods mix, which helps to produce collagen naturally! My husband and I use the entire line of Your Super Superfoods powder, but their Forever Beautiful is certainly the best for those of you looking to grow long hair fast!

Forever Beautiful Superfood Mix by Your Super

Bio-cell Collagen is scientifically proven to work for anti-aging and health purposes!

Bio-cell Collagen II with Hyaluronic Acid

Additional Products to Help Grow Long, Healthy Hair

Rose Water

I love to spray rose water all over my hair and rub it into my scalp. It makes my hair soft, hydrated, and smell fantastic! Make sure that you are buying real rose water, not an alcohol version, or an oil dissolved into water.

Here is a great one for you:

Premium Organic Moroccan Rose Water

Silk Pillowcase

You will be impressed by how huge a difference it will make for your skin and hair once you are using a real mulberry silk pillowcase! Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture and oil from your skin and hair, as well as damage your hair and skin by rubbing them while you are moving.

Silk helps to prevent breakage! I always see the difference in my hair and skin quality from even the first day of use. If you would like to buy your own, I suggest this one:

ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Pillowcase

Air Humidifier

Dry air can damage your hair more than you think! Sometimes even the most expensive hair care will not work for your hair simply because they are drying out. Try this one to keep your hair hydrated without putting any extra effort into your life:

LEVOIT Ultrasonic Humidifier for Bedroom

Concluding Thoughts – The Best Tips for Growing Long Hair Fast

Sometimes more doesn’t mean better! The best way to grow healthy hair is to take the right care about it in the simplest way possible. I shared with you my favorite products and the way I am using them, so I hope they will help you as well, and you will love them as much as I do!

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