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Retro Pin-Up Girl Looks – 5 Ways to Dress Like a Pinup Girl

The 1950’s were one of the most fashionable eras of our time, so it’s no wonder the signature pin-up girl look is still popular today. The extreme charm, femininity, and sexiness of this style are what makes it so appealing and fun- even now!

Most women think pulling off the retro pin-up look is a difficult task, but it’s simpler than you would imagine. If you are an aspiring pin-up girl, here are some tips to help you achieve this fabulous style with ease!

1)    Find the Perfect Pin-Up Dress

how to dress like a pinup girl

The most essential item of pin up clothing you’ll need is a staple dress.

According to your shape, choose a flirty circle dress or a well-tailored wiggle dress. Regardless of which dress you prefer, always go for the midi length to match this retro style.

While the sweetheart neckline is the most popular choice, you can always opt for a low scoop neckline a la Marilyn Monroe.

Don’t shy away from bright colors and interesting prints like florals or the unmissable polka dots, and never forget to cinch your waist in with a belt or a feminine bow to get that perfect hourglass shape!

Here are a few retro pin up dresses I love!

2)    Go for Retro Tops and Bottoms

You can turn any blouse you own into retro-style by tying it at the front, rolling the sleeves up, and popping the collar. However, if you truly want to embody the pin-up spirit, you should also include some ballet neckline jersey shirts, off-the-shoulder peasant tops, and bustiers into your wardrobe.

Focus on high-waisted bottoms to bring out your curves, such as pencil or circle skirts, high-waisted shorts and jeans, or even capri pants.

Nothing says pin-up like a defined silhouette, which you are bound to get with these awesome vintage pieces.

3)    Wear Vintage Lingerie

outfit ides for pin up girl look


The pin-up girl knows just how important the role lingerie plays in shaping your body and making sure all your other clothes do as well.

Opt for sheer, lacy undergarments that are very supportive and in the correct shape for the era to make sure you get the right silhouette wearing them.

Don’t forget that hosiery is one of the most important and sensual elements of the pin-up style. There is a large variety of different styles and options to choose from, so make sure you find something that makes you feel ultra-sexy and your confidence will radiate in true pin-up fashion.

4)    Choose the Correct Accessories

pinup girl clothing ideas

Adequate pin-up accessories are as important as a good outfit, so start with the basics:

The perfect pair of shoes.

Open-toed high heels or a classic pump will do the trick. However, if you truly want to embody that 50’s retro style, opt for the era classics such as Polly shoes or springolators.

Along with gloves, subtle silk scarves, (which can be put on your shoulders or tied around your head) are one of the best pin-up accessories.

And let’s not forget about the most fashionable of them all – sunglasses. Whether you choose a classic cat-eye shape or a chic mod round shape, you will want to get trendy glasses frames to level up your look and help you achieve the perfect pin-up style.

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5)    Don’t Forget About Your Hair and Makeup

pin up girl modeling looks


Dressing like a pin-up girl revolves as much about the hair and makeup as it does about the clothes, which is why you should always pay attention to these details.

When it comes to pin-up hairstyles, choose retro waves decorated with brooches or pins, lavish curls styled with ribbons and headbands, or even straight hair with the right accessories- everything goes.

As for makeup, all you need is some blush, bright red lipstick, and the perfect retro cat-eyes with voluminous lashes and you are ready to go.

Lastly- don’t forget to put on a big, bright smile and rock your beautiful pin-up look!

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