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Greece Vacation Outfits – Greek Style Clothing for Vacation

Summer is almost around the corner, and if you’re looking forward to your upcoming summer vacation in Greece – welcome to the club!

Planning a vacation in Greece can be exciting, but you still want to plan intelligently to make the trip stress-free and make sure you have all the clothing options you want to show off on your Greek vacation!

Outfits for a Greece Vacation

Greek vacation outfits are worlds different from traditional fashion outfits like French style fashion clothing. However, they are amazing in their own right.

When I lived in Greece in 2017 for a couple of months, I absolutely loved Greek style and its shades of antiquity.

Here’s a little guide on how to dress for your perfect Greek summer vacation! Check it out and nail your combos like a true fashionista!

You Can’t Make a Mistake with a Colorful Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses were a real rage over the last few seasons, and you know what? These will be a major hit this summer, too!

So, be sure to take at least a couple of them to your Greek summer vacation. Of course, monochromatic ones are always a safe choice, as you can match them with literally anything you want.

As for the colors, you can opt for either bright colors like fiery orange, turquoise blue, bright yellow, and hot pink; or pastel shades such as pistachio green, pastel lavender, or muted pink.

Both of these palettes will be in style this year, so you certainly won’t make a mistake whichever you choose!

A Pair of Quality Leather Gladiators is an Absolute Must…

Speaking of your footwear, you should probably put your comfort in the first place and therefore opt for a pair of comfy sandals.

But the fact is, you won’t spend too much time wearing your shoes at the beach – which is exactly why you should go for the trendiest pair out there. Knee-high leather gladiators are at the top of our list of summer essentials, as these are extremely trendy yet versatile.

You can wear them in any possible combo that comes to your mind- from casual ones that include denim shorts and a basic T-shirt, to semi-formal ones appropriate for beach weddings.

So, be sure to get these as soon as possible, because your summer outfits are incomplete without them!

… As Well As a Trendy Kimono

The kimono trend is making a huge comeback this year, and we reckon that it’s here to stay simply because a lot of fashion bloggers and celebrities love to rock it no matter the occasion. This is particularly true when it comes to British gals, as trendy kimonos in the UK are a massive hit, and everyone should have at least one in their wardrobe.

This item is their ultimate go-to piece, which is an absolute must for your upcoming summer vacation. Be sure to get it if you want to be recognized as a trendsetter who means business when it comes to current fashion trends!

These make for fantastic cover-ups, as they’re made of lightweight materials like silk or poly crepe, so that you can feel extra comfy and stylish while at the beach.

Make Sure to Accessorize like a True Fashionista, too!

Good accessories can transform even the most ordinary outfits into trendy and eye-catching ones, so be extra careful and pick your accessories wisely.

Apart from a big beach bag that can fit all your necessities, you should pay attention to your jewelry, too, as these play a huge role when it comes to your summer outfits.

If you want your Greek vacation to be vibrant and exciting in every possible way, be sure to pick some statement pieces that can bring such a vibe to your combos. Long necklaces with colorful pom pom pendants are never a bad choice, as well as long earrings (aka shoulder dusters) that follow the same style.

Of course, you can always pick chunky bangles and big rings that will be more than enough to take your whole outfit to a new level and upgrade your fashion game this summer!

Don’t Forget a Bathing Suit!

Lastly, do not forget your bathing suit! You can bring a variety of options because in Greece it is likely you will go in the water more than once, but remember if you bring neutral bathing suit bottoms you’ll be able to mix and match them with various tops in order to create versatile combos.

Concluding Thoughts – Greece Vacation Outfits

Packing and planning your Greece vacation outfits doesn’t have to be scary if you know the right tricks to pack light but still bring everything you need. Especially since vacations are getting shorter for most people, it is easier to bring a minimalistic wardrobe for all your needs.

Even if you’re going to Greece as your honeymoon destination, and you plan on bringing a wider variety of clothing, the right planning can make sure you have everything for your Greek vacation!

Apart from keeping up with the latest fashion trends, you should also make sure that you feel comfortable in your clothes in the first place, because that’s the only way to enjoy your Greek vacation to the max!

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