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Honeymoon Outfits – Sexy Honeymoon Lingerie, Dresses and More!

Planning your honeymoon outfits can be more exciting than planning your honeymoon!

You’ll want some honeymoon dresses, sexy honeymoon lingerie, and additional honeymoon outfits that match your own style and your destination.

So, I wrote this article to help you pick a couple of honeymoon outfits that match your honeymoon destination!

Honeymoon Outfit Ideas

Here are a few honeymoon outfit ideas that I think you will love:

The Big City Honeymoon Outfits


If you don’t mind the fast pace and you love cultured cities with plenty of opportunities so you can always find something interesting to do, going to New York or Paris can be the destination of your dreams. These big cities offer great food, world-class museums, remarkable street art and so much more.

These cities are also great because they are major hubs for the whole world, so you can take mini-trips and see other amazing parts of the world from there quite easily. For instance, from New York, you can travel to Toronto, then from Toronto to Montreal, and then a bus from Montreal to New York. This trip will give you three totally amazing looks at the world, with completely different experiences in a relatively close space.

However, that means you’ll need honeymoon outfits that fit a big city!

French fashion fits perfectly in all big cities, so I suggest you choose French style fashion as your big city honeymoon outfits!

This means beret hats and pearls, and also sexy honeymoon lingerie, like this:

The Australian Honeymoon Outfits

Sydne, Australia is one of those bustling cities where you can always do something unforgettable. You’ll love its energy and splendid sights. You can visit the magnificent and glorious Sydney Opera House, cruise through the cityscape breeze, take an epic climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or a romantic coastal walk while delighting in the amazing view.

Australian honeymoon outfits are innovative and embody the spirit of the land down under. If you’re looking for honeymoon outfits for Australia, you have to look at Alice McCall, FindersKeepers, and Camilia and Marc.

Here is a perfect honeymoon dress from FindersKeepers:

The Far-East Honeymoon Outfits

Maybe you will prefer Tokyo, a bustling neon-lit city, or the peaceful and historic town of Kyoto. You can also enjoy the scenic hot springs of Hakone and the modern port city of Osaka, where the food, the culture, and the people provide an experience like none other. You might also like the traditional lodging of Ryokans, or you can indulge in culinary specialties that can’t be found anywhere else.

Japan is also known for its rituals and customs that impress people coming from different countries. It definitely offers unique experiences.

It has the busiest bullet train station known as Shinjuku and the world-class fish markets, as well as cherry blossoms and Shinto shrines. All of that makes it the top honeymoon country of the year.

If you’re going East for your honeymoon, you’ll want to match your honeymoon outfits to the culture as well.

Kimonos are a perfect option, but there is much more to Eastern Hemisphere fashion as well. Eastern hemisphere fashion is incredibly expressive, so you can wear anything from a traditional kimono to a sweatshirt covered in anime designs.

If you want to go for a traditional style with your honeymoon outfits, here is a perfect kimono:

Outfits for the Royal Honeymoon

Great Britain is one of the best honeymoon destinations because of its rolling, lush green fields and warm “everyone’s family” mantra. Many things entice celebrating couples to this destination, especially if their ancestral roots date to this region in Europe.

If you visit it, you can take up archery and horseback riding, and of course, amazing food and alcohol are waiting for you as well! You’ll be impressed when you taste craft beers and amazing whiskey.

When it comes to accommodation, you can find everything from incredibly cozy to super luxurious spots. The routes are super scenic and driving is quite fun.

For your honeymoon outfits for this part of the world, trendy London-style coats are a must-have. Here is a perfect example:

Outfits for the Honeymoon On the Water

Whether you’re planning on Bali, Greece, or any other spot right on the water, there are a few basic principles for the honeymoon outfits you’ll need. If there’s one thing these destinations offer, it’s the amazing weather and soaking up Vitamin D because it’s always sunny and pleasantly warm.

These areas are great because the nightlife is rich and incredible, but other great things are beachfront dining, basking in the sun, taking in spectacular diving activities, enjoying nature at its purest, and check-in out the history of the area. It’s both glamorous, rustic, and authentic.

Colorful Greek-style fashion fits perfectly as your honeymoon outfits in any location no the water. Greek maxi dresses are a perfect example:

Concluding Thoughts – Honeymoon Outfit Ideas

These five destinations are inspiring to many couples, so you’ll love them as well for sure. They offer a broad range of activities and they are abundant with unforgettable sights. Whatever you like the most, you should be able to pick your favorite and enjoy your honeymoon with your beloved one.