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French Style Fashion Tips – How to Dress Like a French Woman

French fashion style is truly timeless.

There is a certain air of elegance and class in French fashion style. So, why wouldn’t you want to dress like a French Fashionista?

I always loved European fashion style, and living in the southern part of Belgium with my husband in 2016 made me realizing French fashion fits me more perfectly than any other ever has!

In just a few months, I completely fell in love.

It is very minimalistic, unlike the bold Arab fashion and beauty standards. Yet, it carries the history of something like Greek style fashion.

Also, French fashion is hardly as robust and rapidly changing as American fashion style.

French fashion is still deeply rooted in its traditions, and that is the beauty of it.

If you are wanting to try something different this year or just working, in general, to maintain a more sustainable wardrobe, going French is a fantastic way to spice things up.

Along with my French fashion tips below, you can also check out this book which details everything you need to know about French fashion style:

5 French Fashion Style Tips – How to Dress French

Here are a few French style fashion tips that you can borrow from French fashionistas, especially the art of maintaining your individual aura in a fashion-forward way!

1.) Be Individual, Be You

french fashion tips

Whether you’re traveling to Paris on your honeymoon or you simply want to dress like a French Fashionist, the first tip that you should learn from the French style fashion guide is to embrace, respect, and flaunt who you are. French fashionistas do not consume their energy on being a uniform herd of sheep.

From every mainstream celebrity to designers, to creative directors – all Parisian fashion beauties work their ensembles around their physical body shapes and comfort levels.

Not the other way around.

A certain kind of beauty emerges when you confidently flaunt what you feel comfortable in, rather than making a joke out of yourself in an attempt to fit in.

If there is only one thing you take away from the conventional French fashion style – make it this one.

Adopt a personal style that suits you.

It is okay to experiment a little with colors, cuts, and fabrics every once in a while, but rapid and complete wardrobe transitions in an attempt to look more fashionable and trendy is not something French fashionistas would approve of!

So, find slimming dresses that fit your frame, wear clothes that suit your skin tone, buy jewelry that meets your personality, avoid fast fashion brands that make the same clothes for everyone, and make your fashion, your fashion!

2.) Neutral is Not Boring – This Includes Black!

You can hardly ever go wrong with a neutral color palette.

Beige, brown, nude, black, white, and cream sit well with all skin tones, hair colors, and styles. Most French fashion divas build their outfits based on a pretty neutral color palette and then add a pop of bright color in form of an accessory.

Just think, most French beret hats are black, right? Of course, there are options and variations, but the basics are the basics!

This way, you will have a more practical and workable wardrobe- without trying too hard!

3.) Menswear-esque is Beautiful

Perhaps one of the most distinguished traits of French fashion style is its inspiration and inclusion of menswear!

We are not talking about chunky vests, boxy suits, or manly pantsuits.

The center of attention here is slim-fit, sleek and flattering loose trousers, ruffled shirts or crisp button-ups, and simple no-nonsense pumps.

The French women make menswear-esque attire so chic and beautiful, that you always envy them.

This is how French fashion is done, without compromising your comfort and ease.

4.) Dainty Can Still Make a Bold Statement

Like everything else, the French fashion trends for jewelry also incline towards a very minimal approach.

Take Dior’s lineup of jewelry, for example. You will find plenty of dainty, delicate, and precious gemstone and pearl pieces there.

There is hardly any place for oversized chokers or big layered arm candies. Elegance is the first standard of prettiness for the Parisian fashion divas.

Simple pearl earrings are a classic for French style jewelry, like these:

5.) Scarves Will Take You a Long Way

French women love their scarves!

Unlike big bulky necklaces or chokers, scarves are the French style way of adding a statement fashion piece to an ensemble.

From silk to satin, to wool, to crochet – there are seventy million ways you can rock a scarf the French style way.

But, never the bulky way.

Blanket scarves are very American.

Beautiful, yet American.

For more of a French vibe, we suggest getting a chic small scarf, drape it around your neck, and tie the loose end in a small knot – perfection!

Here is a perfect example:

Concluding Thoughts – How to Dress in French Style Fashion

French fashion is timeless, and if you update your wardrobe with French-style fashion classics you can wear them whenever, wherever, and forever. I hope these tips helped you figure out how you can dress like a French woman when you want to!

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