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Body Sugaring – Why You Should Try Sugaring for Hair Removal!

I have recently been introduced to sugaring, and I want to share my experience with you guys! If you have been shaving for years or even waxing, then being introduced to sugaring will change your life.

Sounds a little dramatic for a form of hair removal, right?

Benefits of Body Sugaring for Hair Removal

Well, here are all the reasons sugar is superior so that you can decide for yourself.

Body Sugaring Uses Only All-Natural Ingredients

Sugar paste is simple. It consists of only three ingredients, which you are probably eating every day. What are they?

Well, you probably guessed sugar already; the other two? Lemon and water; and that’s it! So why would you be using wax, with an ingredient list that is unreadable, when you can get your hair removal done with such a simple, natural paste?

Sugaring for Hair Removal is Gentle and Doesn’t Stick to the Skin

Sugar paste will not stick to cells with high water content, meaning any living cells. Wax doesn’t discriminate and will stick to anything.

This means that when an esthetician is waxing they should only wax a single area one time as living skin cells are being removed. However, with sugaring, the sugar paste is gentle enough that the esthetician will be able to go back and remove any hairs that were missed in the first pass.

Additionally, since the sugar paste doesn’t stick to the living skin, sugar is less painful.

Sugar is an Exfoliant!

Another bonus of sugaring, each appointment gives you a great exfoliation. As discussed above, the sugar sticks to only your dead cells, removing your dead cells as the sugar and hair are removed.

This leaves only smooth, well exfoliated, and healthy skin left after the procedure is finished!

Sugar is Easy to Get Off Your Body Afterwards!

Yet another benefit of being water soluble; sugar is extremely easy to remove from the skin.

Unlike wax, which requires special oils for removal, (meaning if some wax is missed, you’ll be sticking to your clothes all day) sugar is easy to remove with just warm water and a cloth.

Though typically there won’t be any sugar left over if by some chance there is you can easily remove it yourself with a quick wipe!

You’ll Never Get Burned with Sugar

Unlike wax, which can easily be overheated and can burn your skin, sugar is applied at or just slightly above room temperature.

Any sugar that was heated to the point it was able to burn you would just be a pile of liquid, meaning there is absolutely no way you could get burned when getting sugaring.

body sugaring for hair removal

Body Sugaring Leads to Permanent Hair Reduction

Consistent sugaring will lead to a permanent reduction in hair growth. Each time you remove the hair you are damaging the hair follicle, which will grow continuously thinner and less dense hair.

Over time these damaged follicles may stop producing hair altogether.

Though each appointment will be slightly easier than the last, if sugaring for years then you may have very small amounts of hair growing back.

Body Sugaring is More Sanitary Than Wax

Unlike wax, there is no possible way that a technician could be reusing their supplies. In lower-end wax salons, saving money can frequently take the place of health and safety. In particular, reusing waxing sticks can lead to possible rashes and other health risks.

When sugaring, the sugaring practitioner will use only a fresh glove to collect the sugar paste that is needed.

Once finished with the paste both the glove and the used sugar will be thrown out before new sugar paste is collected. There is absolutely zero contamination!

Sugaring Causes Less Ingrown Hairs and Hair Breakage

Since sugar is removed in the direction of the hair’s growth, there is less pressure on the hair shaft. This leads to a way easier removal and, therefore, less breakage.

This results in less ingrown hairs than with waxing or shaving, and longer lasting results!

Sugar is Bacteria Resistant

Sugar paste is bacteria resistant. This is unlike wax, whose warm wax container is the perfect conditions for bacteria to breed.

Sugar is Perfect for Even the Most Sensitive Skin Types

If you’ve ever had a reaction to wax I have great news for you, sugar is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Sugaring is a great option for people who may not be able to use other forms of hair removal.

It can be used on almost every part of the body and is a great option for even the most sensitive areas, such as the bikini and the lip!

Concluding Thoughts – Top Reasons to Try Body Sugaring!

So my question for you is; with all these amazing benefits why would you ever consider using another form of hair removal again?

Do you have more questions about sugaring? Check out this amazing sugaring blog, ( where almost any sugaring question you may have has been covered!

Happy sugaring!

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