Best Breastfeeding Clips

Best Breastfeeding Clips – NurseMeMama Busy Tabs Review

When I was still pregnant, I was searching for products that I thought would make my life easier after our precious baby-boy arrived, and I came across the breastfeeding clips by NurseMeMama, BusyTabs. At first, I wasn’t sure if this product would benefit me and decided to skip it. Now, my baby is six months old, and I recently purchased BusyTabs breastfeeding clips, and I regret that I did not buy them earlier!

Who Needs the BusyTabs Breastfeeding Clips?

I believe BusyTabs are beneficial for every breastfeeding mom! The primary purpose of them is to attract babies and focus their latch. They help babies maintain a better latch by keeping your baby latched for a more extended period of time.

In my case, my baby has a great latch, but he is easily distracted. Every time I nurse him, he would look around, unlatch like ten times in a minute to examine what’s his dad doing, look into a window, play with his toes, tear my hair, and so on!

These tabs keep him focused on his latch, and they make a huge difference!

No More Hair Pulling!

OMG! I believe most mothers can relate to this problem. Babies love to grab hair, especially during nursing. Now my baby is too busy playing with his new breastfeeding clips, so there is no time to grab mommy’s hair!

NurseMeMama Busy Tabs work like a charm! Once I took them out of the package and showed them to my son, his eyes literally shined! He can play with them for hours!

More Than a Nursing Device and Not Just for Breastfeeding Moms!

In fact, now I am attaching BusyTabs on my shirt even when I am not nursing. Keeping BusyTabs on my shirt helps me to eat meals while my baby is on my lap, watch some TV, or work on the computer as they keep him entertained enough to keep his tiny hands away from my hair, food, keyboard, and other objects.

I believe it should work for bottle-fed babies as well since you can attach them anywhere to keep your baby focused on the bottle.

I use these in combination with my Boppy Pillow to make life so much easier and more comfortable while feeding!

Can You Just Make DIY BreastFeeding Clips Instead?

My first question when I saw NurseMeMama breastfeeding lips was, “can I just make them myself instead?”

Like, why should I buy something like this if I can make them myself? I still gave it a try, and after my beautiful package from NurseMeMama has arrived, I realized that nope, I could not do them myself!

They are finely made with really sturdy clips, and all the stitches are strong and professionally made. The fabric is special, as well as it’s shiny, smooth to the touch, colorful, and fun for babies. Also, the whole product is made strong enough so that your baby doesn’t break it by pulling.

I tried to attach a bra reminder tab to check if it would work, but my baby did not care about it at all.

I also tried this trick with pacifier clips, toys, and other items – they were all useless.

Another great thing about NurseMeMama Busy Tabs is that there are six tabs in a pack (three pairs) with different designs, which makes this product about $4 apiece ($8 per pair). You can keep them all to yourself, or give some as a gift to your friends for baby showers or Christmas stockings because they are a definite must-have for all moms!

Concluding Thoughts – BusyTabs BreastFeeding Clips by NurseMeMama

I love the BusyTabs breastfeeding clips by NurseMeMama and wish I purchased them earlier since they make life so much easier! They help to maintain a good latch, keep my baby latched for a more extended period, give you more “me time,” prevent baby from distractions during nursing, keep your baby away from pulling hair, and can be a perfect gift!

I hope my NurseMeMama Busy Tabs review was helpful for you and that you will give BusyTabs a shot!

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