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Beret Hats (2021) – How to Wear a Beret Hat This Year!

Wearing a beret hat is an immediate way to tell everyone who looks at you that you know fashion and you know style. Seriously, a French-style beret hat is a simple addition to your outfit that shows that you have a true high-class fashion style in you.

For those of you who don’t know the background to this classic accessory, the beret hat, like many of the other fashion classics traces back to France. A beret hat is traditionally a uniform headgear for various forces, including the military, but French women (and men) adopted it as a fashion classic.

Also, there are tons of options to choose from if you want the best beret hat! Fortunately, there are tons of beret hat styles that look amazing, and almost any French beret you wear will look great as long as your outfit matches it.

If you want some additional help in finding the best beret for this year, here are my best tips and suggestions:

Which Type of Beret is Right for You?

French style beret hat

If you are considering buying a beret, the most important question is, which style of beret is right for you?

Let us figure it out together!

First of all, do your best to avoid fast fashion brands like Zara or H&M for your beret hats. They won’t last long, and they are terrible for the environment.

Traditionally, berets are made using a ton of different fabrics, threads, and materials. It is usually soft, always round, and a pretty flat hat that kinda resembles a crown. Usually, a beret is made of hand-knitted wool or acrylic fabric.

But, the wool felt material and crochet cotton are also raging popular styles of beret hats, especially when they are worn as fashion accessories.

If you are opting for a beret mainly to use it to cover your head against the chilly windy weather of fall and winters – we suggest you go with the knitted wool or wool felt material. Here is a great affordable and fashionable wool beret:

Here is another option that is similar, and even more affordable:

Along with that, select the colors that are in style, keeping up with the trending 2021 color palette. We highly suggest picking up one red beret for a classic French fashion look, an olive-green beret for a more laid-back and relaxed look, and one in a millennial pink shade to pair with all of your cute, girly outfits.

If you have three shades, you are set to pair a beret with any type of look you can possibly think of for fall and winter 2021!

This brand makes a variety of colorful beret hats:

For more of a fashion-forward and uber-chic look, a crochet beret would make an excellent choice. This brand makes black and white crochet berets:

You can get these even custom made, in any color or pattern you want – how cool is that! If you would like, you can send me a message and order a personalized crochet beret through my Etsy shop!

We suggest you match your crochet cotton beret with similar patterned fingerless gloves and a cute scarf! The trio of these makes a classic and timeless fashion statement, just as if you are coming straight out of a French classic fairy tale!

What to Wear With Your Beret?

beret fashion

When choosing your overall Beret style, you need to understand the full scope of what you are trying to look like.

The ultimate goal here is to recreate a cool French fashionista or diva look.

In order to avoid any fashion disaster happening in an attempt to style your beret hat, there are a couple of simple tips you can use for proper beret style.

First, you can always match your black beret with black boots! Berets, when worn properly, create an instant air of class and elegance, with a touch of mystery. We highly suggest you pair a beret with some ripped denim and matching boots – the ultimate casual-chic look.

Second, you can make a quirky fashion statement with your beret. Funky colors, patches, or an overlay of sequin spray on your beret all will add a personal quirky touch to your outfit and give a very young and refreshing vibe.

Concluding Thoughts – How to Do Beret Style for 2021

French beret hat

The best part about beret hats is that they are an excellent fashion statement that isn’t going to break the bank.  Even a cheap beret from Amazon will have you looking awesome!

There is no reason to hesitate, go get you one today!

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