Bellus natural skincare product review

Bellus BClean Review | The Future of Skincare!

If you are looking for a skincare company that has advanced past everything you already know- Bellus is exactly what you are looking for! Bellus is an American company focused on empowering clean beauty lifestyles through using fresh, non-synthetic personalized skincare products.

Currently, Bellus has a store and lab in Pompton Plains, New Jersey.

Not only is Bellus a leading producer of skincare products for nearly every skin type, but they are also about to make an enormous advancement in the skincare industry with the release of their BClean App.

Keep reading below to find out more about Bellus and their BClean App!

Bellus | About the Founders and Their Mission

Bellus was founded by Kristina and Michael Cimo, high school sweethearts who both dealt with severe skin problems growing up.

Kristina and Michael suffered from severe eczema, dry skin, and psoriasis, and they were driven to create Bellus as they knew that there must be a better way to improve their skin than what was already on the market.

One of the substantial reasons that Kristina and Michael decided to create their own skincare company was that although there are more options and easier access to skincare products than ever before, the world is seeing an increased amount of skincare issues. Clearly, something is not working as it should!

Due to the issues that the founders of Bellus saw, they decided to use their life experiences to create a company which produces products that truly work.

Michael is a chemist, having a background in formulary; while Kristina is a true lover of everything natural, specifically butters and oils. Together, their knowledge allowed them to create a line of skincare products that contained six or less all-natural ingredients, no synthetic ingredients, no filers, and even no water!

Furthermore, all Bellus products use powerful carrier oils to penetrate the protective barrier of your skin and nourish your skin at its deepest layer. Their formulas are crafted to ensure optimal delivery of:

  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Essential Fatty Acids

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Want to learn how you can take advantage of the incredible products produced by the founders of Bellus?

Keep reading below!

Bellus BClean App | Your Path to Perfect Skin!

After a little over three years from the origination of Bellus, Bellus is now launching their BClean app!

The BClean app, which will officially launch on November 1st, 2018, will empower every one of you to create a clean beaut lifestyle and improve the decisions that you make for your skin. The BClean App relies on both community experience and professional knowledge, and it is truly the first app of its kind!

To start using the app, the first step you will take is to create your BClean Profile. The BClean Profile will include your name, picture, skin type, skin tone, and current skincare routine.

Bellus BClean App

,The goal of the BClean Profile is to help members of the community and the professional involved make better suggestions for you.

Not only will you find suggestions on products, but the BClean app also allows you:

  • A direct line to ask estheticians questions
  • An easy way to research ingredients (both natural and synthetic)
  • The ability to analyze your current products to see if they are “clean”

For those of you who are looking for skincare product suggestions, you can use the Proprietary Clean Skincare Generator in the BClean App to create custom personalized skin care blends and have them shipped out to you anywhere in the United States within 72 hours! Honestly, that is the most revolutionary advancement in the skincare industry that exists- bar none!

The community aspect of the BClean App is called the “Skincare Diary,” and it is essentially Facebook for clean beauty. In the Skincare Diary, you can share your skincare routine with friends, chat with others about important topics, and learn more about what might work for you! The SkincareDiary is a great way to meet others with similar skincare issues and find a solution quicker than ever before!

Lastly, the news feed in the BClean App helps you stay active with all the latest tips, trends, and events in the skincare industry, so you are always at the front line of new knowledge!

Concluding Thoughts | Bellus BClean App

Not only does Bellus currently produce amazing skincare products, but their mission also is not yet finished. The founders of Bellus had a goal to create a perfect skincare world, and the BClean App is their next progression towards making that happen.

Unlike other skincare companies (whose only goal is to sell you a product), Bellus focuses on continuing to advance skincare treatment and make a permanent change in the lives of people throughout the world.

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